Adventure Moms Getaway at The Broadmoor – the Perfect Mix of Thrill and Relaxation

I’ve been itching for a mom getaway for a while. I love my kids, and I especially love adventuring with them in tow, but I also appreciate how necessary (and fulfilling) adult time with mom friends is. While I am fortunate to spend a decent amount of time surrounded by mom friends, it’s usually when kids are present, so the conversations are not always as authentic, engaging, or relaxing. I recently read that researchers even say that taking a trip with your friends can improve mental health and long-term happiness. It works for me!! So, now that you know you want to take that ladies’ trip, the questions are where to go and what to do? When considering the location and itinerary for our moms getaway this past weekend, The Broadmoor checked all of the boxes—adventurous excursions, classy atmosphere, relaxing amenities, incredible food and drink options, and plenty to do (without driving anywhere!). Our ladies weekend included both thrill and relaxation, with activities that ranged from ziplining 500 feet in the air and relaxing in a eucalyptus steam room after a massage. It really was the best of both worlds! If you are looking to treat yourself or to spoil a mom in your life, this itinerary is a dream come true.

Thank you to The Broadmoor Hotel for hosting us, all opinions are my own.

Pin collage with text Adventure Moms Getaway at The Broadmoor

The Broadmoor is a Forbes Five-Star and AAA Five-Diamond historic hotel. Nestled into base of Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the resort is located 10 miles from the Colorado Springs Airport and 90 miles from Denver International Airport. While you are at the base of the mountains in Colorado, you will feel more like you’ve been transported to Lake Como, Italy. The architecture, lakefront views, luxury, food, and ambiance have the touch of European vacation. If you are visiting The Broadmoor with your family, consider these ideas.

Soaring Adventures Ziplining

A Thrilling experience on our Moms Getaway at The Broadmoor

about to cross the suspension bridge on their moms getaway at the Broadmoor

When planning a weekend for adventure moms, Soaring Adventures must be included! This experience was a 10 out of 10! This is a saying a lot because I am not going to lie—I was terrified to do this. I love hiking to the top of mountains, but I also have an intense fear of heights. I was excited about this adventure because I knew (in theory) that I would love it, but I was also nervous that I would be so scared that it wouldn’t be fun. The combination of the incredible guides, the smart way that the course is designed, and the company of my badass mom friends resulted in a successful adventure (with NO tears or panic attacks!!).

The thrill of the course starts in the van as we climbed a steep, windy, bumpy dirt road on the side of the mountain to reach the top of the course. We then hiked down to the “ground school” where harnessed in, learned the safety basics, and tested our new skills. Looking back, the Broadmoor’s attention to safety and the robustness of the harness rigging have the nonintuitive result of making a zipline 500 ft above a canyon safer than our commute from Denver to Colorado Springs.

There are two options for the courses—the woods course and fins course. We did the fins, which is a bit more “go big or go home,” since it’s the one that ziplines across the canyon. The course is designed in such a way that it eases you into the big stuff. Each zipline gets progressively longer and faster—topping out at 1800 feet long and speeds at up to 50 miles per hour. It is legit. But the first 3 are in the woods and allow you to get comfortable with the harness and the ziplining sensation. Regardless, ziplines 4 and 5 are exhilarating (and terrifying!), but an incredible experience.

The scariest part of the course are the suspension bridges in between ziplines 3 and 4. I was stiff as a statue crossing these bridges, and I likely only got 20% of the experience because I would only look straight ahead. But I made it, and I honestly didn’t know if I would be able to take that first step—and keep putting one foot in front of the other.  

girl scared to cross suspension bridge
women crossing suspension bridge
suspension bridge

Once you have crossed the bridges, the two intense ziplines commence. The first crosses the entire canyon, soaring 500 feet above the ground floor. The final one is the longest and fastest, but it isn’t as high. They were intense and I felt so relieved, exhilarated, and excited that we had all made it. I honestly could not have done it without our guides, Ken and Derek, who brought the perfect mix of safety, attentiveness, emotional support, and humor.

woman ziplining
group photo with the ziplining guides

Once you’ve reached the end of the course, the last thrill is dropping 180 feet via an assisted rappel. Even though I had already conquered so many fears, this last challenge was the most difficult because it required me stepping off the platform. Once taking that step, it was an easy ride down to the canyon floor. You land right at the base of the iconic Seven Falls, so I highly recommend spending the rest of the day exploring the falls and the hiking trails that begin atop the 224 steps. Or you can do as we did and head back to The Bar (buzzing with adrenaline) for a celebratory lunch and “cheers” for what we had just accomplished.


Pictures don’t capture the scale or the thrill, so check out this video!

The Broadmoor Spa

Getting Pampered on our Moms Getaway at The Broadmoor

relaxing at the spa
spa entrance

After the exhilarating experience of soaring 500 feet above South Cheyenne Mountain, we were all ready for a little relaxation. The Broadmoor Spa was just what we needed —rejuvenating, tranquil, and visually stunning. When reserving a treatment, you get access to all of the amenities, so we spent a couple of hours soaking in the experience. When we first arrived, we sipped on rose as we took in the views overlooking the golf course in the Mountain View Room—filled with light snacks and fruit infused water. My treatment was the Signature Massage, which focused on the full body and helped relieve my stress and tension (of parenthood or gripping to the zipline handlebars? Both, I’m sure.). A couple of the moms got a facial and were equally pleased with their serene experience. They were literally glowing! After our treatments, we rotated between the oxygen room, dry sauna, and eucalyptus steam room. The customer service, ambience, and overall experience surpassed my expectations, and I would definitely recommend including this in a ladies’ weekend itinerary. As an adventure mom, I don’t usually choose this type of activity on vacation, but it created a beautiful balance to the outdoor experiences we included on our trip. At the very least, soak in the hot tub at the vintage indoor pool in the winter or the outdoor infinity pool in the summer. Both are included in your resort stay!

indoor pool at The Broadmoor
infinity pool

Nightlife for a Moms Getaway at The Broadmoor

Dining, Drinking, and Fun

The Broadmoor Hotel at night

I am not a food blogger but as a food lover, I can tell you that dining at The Broadmoor is a culinary treat. On our first night, we thoroughly enjoyed our fine dining experience at Ristorante Del Lago. I recommend ordering the Chef’s Selection for a wide variety of authentic Italian cuisine—including salumi and formaggio (meats and cheeses) flown in from Italy, fresh in-house made pasta, authentic entrees, and delicious desserts. After dinner, we were stuffed so we changed into comfy clothed and “worked off our meal” with a fun round of bowling, just down the hall in Broadmoor West at Play.

moms out to dinner
woman bowling

On our second night, we headed to The Golden Bee for food and entertainment in a jolly old English setting. In addition to yummy entrees, we had our eye set on two menu items (the Colossal Pretzel Twist and the Warm Cast Iron Chocolate Chip Cookie). Both exceeded our high expectations! Another iconic item that caught our eye was the half yard and full yard of draught beer. While none of us braved these extremely tall glasses of beer, we enjoyed watching them get delivered to nearby tables and were certain that our husbands would have been all over this tradition. Instead, we extended our dinner with cocktails and stayed for the nightly sing-a-long that kicks off every night at 9:00pm. As a karaoke lover, this was right up my alley and the perfect surprise for our ladies’ weekend.

golden bee pub at The Broadmoor Hotel
song book

Speaking of that sweet cookie, I would be remiss not to mention the delicious desserts, gelato, handmade chocolates, and pastries at the Parisian Patisserie, Café Julie’s.


The best part of “nightlife” as a mom is uninterrupted sleep, so you’ll be happy to rest your head in the beautiful rooms or suites. This was our view…

view from hotel room

Hiking on our Moms Getaway at the Broadmoor

Getting movement, fresh air, and experiencing nature

women hiking in Colorado Springs

With filling meals, delicious drinks, and decadent desserts every night, we wanted to start our mornings with movement and fresh air. Plus, as much as I love hiking with kids, there is something fulfilling (and rare) about hiking with your friends kid-free! Good news is that there are a number of hiking options available in walking distance from hotel. The closest trails are in the Stratton Open Space, which is a fifteen-minute walk from the hotel’s west entrance and consists of 318 acres of open space. Here are walking directions from the hotel. You can pick up a trail map from the concierge with lots of options, but I also recommend a GPS app like AllTrails as the map can be difficult to understand if you are new to navigation.

If you are wanting movement and fresh air without leaving the resort, (or you are too conditioned to waking up at 5am because of your kids!), walking around the grounds and particularly the lake are a beautiful option.

The Broadmoor Hotel lake
woman shopping
women walking at hotel grounds

If you are seeking a longer hike or a hiking excursion, I highly recommend visiting Seven Falls. We did not hike Seven Falls on this trip (though we did get to see it while doing the Soaring Adventures), but you can read more about the Seven Falls Hike along with options, maps, and tips for a successful experience in this post.

Seven Falls Hike at The Broadmoor


Our overall experience at The Broadmoor was a dream! The location was perfect, the hospitality was superb, the food was delicious, and the mix of adventure and relaxation allowed for pampering and an adrenaline rush. 

This time with friends was much needed and I always feel that I am a better parent when I make that time for myself. Did we talk about our kids? Yes. Did we miss them? Yes. Did we appreciate the time without them? YES!

If you are interested in planning a staycation, vacation, family trip, or moms getaway at The Broadmoor, visit my below posts with more adventurous activities (or pin for later!).

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  1. Lisa, Casey, Barrett Dog

    Such an exciting adventure and weekend! Loved the video, thank you for sharing.

    • raisinghikers_Kristin

      Thanks for watching! It was so much fun!

  2. Cindy Moore

    What a fun girls’ getaway! It does us good to have a break every once in a while, for sure.

    • raisinghikers_Kristin

      That’s for sure! The laughs are needed!

    • raisinghikers_Kristin

      It was such a blast and a much needed break!

  3. Barbara

    One of my favorite activities is my MOM GROUP that gets together. We support each other through LIFE! It is so important to have that core group of pals that you know you can count on, right? No judgment, lots of laughter, and genuine love for one another!

    • raisinghikers_Kristin

      I am so glad you have that too! We are very lucky!

  4. Marianne

    The Broadmoor looks like a really great place to stay. My family would be all over that zip line course.

    • raisinghikers_Kristin

      Your kids would love it, Marianne! If you go in the summer, they would love the pool too! Such a fun spot with so much of the outdoors to explore all around!

  5. Terra Booth

    Oh this looks like so much fun! And I agree that every mom needs a break now and then!!! I’d love to try some of those ziplines!

    • raisinghikers_Kristin

      The break is so rejuvenating! You’d love the ziplines!!

  6. Debbie

    The Broadmoor has been on my travel bucket list for years! Loved reading about your experience! Your brave experience!!

    • raisinghikers_Kristin

      It deserves to be on that list–it is so beautiful! Amazing food and so much to do. The ziplines were definitely my favorite part!

  7. Chelsea Baxter

    I’ve been excited to read this post since I saw your Instagram post about it lol! My mom friends and I are SO exhausted. Especially after the pandemic. We’ve worked so hard over the last year and a half, and even though our kids are back, we’re still helping them with the adjustments back to school. So yeah, a moms trip is much needed. And most of us are all in when anyone mentions “spa” lol! But I love the outdoor adventure here too! I’d be terrified of the heights but what a bonding experience! I’m curious about the cost because we’d have to travel from California, but I’d seriously consider it lol!

    • raisinghikers_Kristin

      I was right there with you. 2021 has been harder than anticipated. We all thought we got the hardest year behind us but it’s been tough. This trip was so needed!! You would love the zip lines! Even if you’re afraid of heights. I totally am but I was pleasantly proud of myself that it wasn’t as scary as I expected. It helped having friends with me for sure. Flights from CA-DEN are pretty good since we have lot of airline options. The Broadmoor is a luxury hotel but they have some Cyber week deals right now!!

  8. Lisa Manderino

    The Broadmoor seems like such a fun getaway. Ziplining looks fun!

  9. Linda Winans Egeler

    Wow! This looks incredible. And yes, the suspension bridges look scary! Good for you for fitting in a girls’ getaway. Not sure why I’ve never done that: you’re inspiring me to make it happen!

    • raisinghikers_Kristin

      Oh yes! You definitely should! It’s such a nice change of pace and so many laughs!

  10. Larissa Li

    Looks like an amazing place for you! Glad you were able to experience all the great things like adventure, great food and relaxing at one spot.

  11. Cindy

    What a fun adventure! It’s great to have friends that will do wild things with you!

    • raisinghikers_Kristin

      Yes, it is! I was so much braver because they were there!

    • Tiffany

      So jealous!!! I wish I had a group of female friends that liked to travel like this!! What a fun bonding experience!!

      • raisinghikers_Kristin

        It can be so hard to make those bonds! But going on a trip can definitely bring friends closer!

  12. Cecile Leger

    So much great memories. Look like the perfect getaway. The spa would be awesome.

    • raisinghikers_Kristin

      The spa was such a treat and gave good balance to the rest of the weekend!

  13. Shannon

    Thanks for including me on the much needed moms getaway! I loved the mix of relaxation and adventure! The zip lining was definitely a once in a lifetime experience and my favorite part of the weekend! I could definitely go for one of those skillet chocolate chip cookies again….soooo yummy!!! Thanks again for an amazing weekend filled with endless memories!

    • raisinghikers_Kristin

      I could definitely go for one of those cookies!! And anything from the cafe! I’m so glad you were there since we needed a “brave one” on the ziplines!

  14. Keirsten

    What an amazing trip you guys had! You had me at the Broadmor spa 🧖‍♀️ 🙌
    Also that 1st photo of the 4 of you is adorable! Such great memories you all created. It’s definitely so important for mom’s to have adult mom time too.
    Thanks for sharing, looks like a beautiful stay.

    • raisinghikers_Kristin

      It really was incredible! The spa is usually not my go to on getaways so it was nice to do something out of the norm. And I’m used to adventure…but the ziplining definitely kicked it up a notch. The time away was much needed and enjoyed!


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