Frequently Asked Questions

How do you unlock the lockbox?

Your host, Kristin, has made an informational video that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to open the lockbox. Click here to view.

where can i park in the garage?

Once inside the paid parking area, you may park in any of the spots. The immediate green area is going to be closest to the Peak 9 elevator (the building where the condo is located). Below is a map of the Village where it shows each building’s color, that color correlates with the colors in the parking garage (i.e., in this map Peak 9 Inn is green, and the preferred parking area for Peak 9 Inn is the green level). If you cannot find parking in the green area, it’s ok to park elsewhere in the garage just note that the elevators in the other areas will not go directly to Peak 9. So you may want to walk back to the green area and take that elevator.

Where can I store my skis?

You are welcome to store your skis or snowboard in the unit. We have ski racks by the door. However, we recommend utilizing the FREE ski valet provided to you from Christy Sports in the Village. Their ski valet is located here. Just let them know that you are an Airbnb guest in Peak 9 Inn and they will hold your skis for free. Keep in mind that the ski valet that is offered in the Welcome Area in Peak 9 is only for Vail Resorts guests. But the good news for us is that Christy Sports is even closer to the ski lift!

How do I work the tv?
We have a Smart TV that is also hooked up to cable. To access the cable: 

    • Turn on the TV
    • Press Source on the remote 
    • Select Cable 
    • Use the channel up and down button to select a channel

You’re more than welcome to log in to any of the steaming services you subscribe to, just make sure you log out. 

How do I work the coffee machine?
To Brew a Single Serve Pod:

    • Lift the lid latch until the lid clicks into place
    • Place a pod into the single-serve pack holder
    • Close lid and snap it in place to pierce single serve pod
    • Lift single serve water reservoir (on the back of the single serve area) 
    • Fill a cup or travel mug into which the coffee will be brewers and add water to the reservoir (10oz of water is the max amount of water)
    • Close lid. Press the Brew Strength button to select regular or bold
    • Press Brew Now I/O button to start brewing. The brew indicator light will light up to show that the coffee maker is brewing

Note: To use with a travel mug, remove the cup rest. 

To Brew a Carafe: 

    • Press the carafe button (the button has a coffee pot on it) 
    • Lift the lid. Remove the carafe brew basket
    • Place a paper coffee filter in the carafe brew basket. For each cup of coffee being made, place one level tablespoon (15 ml) of grounds into paper filter
    • Place carafe brew basket back into carafe brew basket holder
    • Fill carafe with up to 12 cups of cold water and pour into the carafe water reservoir
    • Close lid 
    • Place carafe, with carafe lid attached, on warming plate
    • Press BREW STRENGTH button to change strength to BOLD
    • Press BREW NOW I/O button to start brewing. The brew indicator light will light up to show that the coffee maker is on
    • Press BREW NOW I/O button to turn off

If you’re more of a visual learner, here is a how-to video from the manufacturer. 

Does the condo have ac?

Due to the condo being located on a mountain, AC is not needed for most of the year. We do have a ceiling fan, a portable fan, and the windows open to help cool the condo down in the event it gets too hot. 

Do I need to bring a towel to the pool/hot tubs?

No, there are towels at the pool but please leave them in the community room towel basket when finished drying off. 




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