Checking in to Basecamp Condo

We are so excited for your upcoming stay in Breck! 

Check in is at 4pm on the day of your arrival and check out will be at 10am on the date of your departure. 

When you arrive, you can pull into the garage and enter your license plate number into the Pay Station so that you have 1 hour free while you are getting the keys, parking pass, unloading, etc. There is also 15 minute check-in parking available, but only a couple of spots.

If you are taking a shuttle, you will be dropped off right at the front of the building. You will need to walk into the garage (it’s to the right of the building’s entrance) to access the lockbox. 

Lockboxes are on the right hand side of the garage. You’ll find more detailed instructions along with the box number and passcode in your check in message on Airbnb. 

In the box you will find a few envelopes, each with 2 keys inside. Please only take one unless you find you need more than 2 keys for your stay. Remember that ALL keys need to be returned to this lockbox when you check out. These keys are not disposable! Lost keys will result in a $20 charge. They are also easily demagnetized if you have them next to your phone or magnets. To lock the lockbox, close the box, press down on the black wire until it clicks into the box, once it has clicked move the numbers. Press on the button and give the box a tug to ensure it is locked. 

If you reserved parking, your parking pass will be located in the lockbox with the keys. You will need that pass to enter and exit the garage. Please only take the pass with your assigned number as it is the only one that will work during your stay. To enter the garage, follow the sign for Peak 9 Inn (it’s the first entrance on the left). Once inside, you may park in any of the spots. The immediate green area is going to be closest to the Peak 9 elevator. Your parking pass is valid from time of check in (4pm) until 3pm on the day of check out. ***Check out time from the room is 10am but the garage will let you exit until 3pm. Please return the parking pass to the lockbox before you leave. Missing passes will result in a $50 charge. Thanks for your understanding as it is difficult and expensive for us to replace the keys and parking passes. 

If you are more of a visual person, having trouble checking in, or are arriving late and can’t reach us, please see below for an instructional video on how to locate and open our lockbox. 

The heat thermostat is in the kitchen. There is a space heater in the closet. The wall remote will control the ceiling fan. Be sure the light switch to the right is left on. The laundry room is to the left when you are looking at the front door of the unit. The trash chute is behind the elevator (to the left as you are walking out of the unit’s front door). 

Finally, just a friendly reminder to follow the condo HOA rules – quiet hours are from 10pm-8am, no guest pets, and refrain from playing in the common hallways and elevators. 

Don’t hesitate to message us here if you need anything at all during your stay!

Take care and have an amazing time in Breckenridge! 





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