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Hello! One way Raising Hikers website and the content I provide on social media platforms is funded is through brand partnerships like the ones below. As a thank you for purchasing through my affiliate links or engaging with my content, I have secured these discount codes for YOU with a few brand partners! I only collaborate with brands and products that align with our values, that we have tested and would use ourselves, and that I believe are high quality. I will always give you my honest review if you have questions on any of these products! Thanks for your continued support!

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Mom carrying son in Trail Magik Carrier - discount codes
10% off Trail Magik carriers with code RAISINGHIKERS10
Boy holding ice chunk wearing L Bow Mittens

15% off L-Bow Mittens & Gloves with code  RAISINGHIKERS15

Kids holding skis at Christy Sports

30% off Christy Sport Ski/Snowboard rentals with code RH30

Sitting in chairs with view
10% off Sugoi Camp Chairs with RAISINGHIKERS
Boy in front of world map
15% off Conquest Maps with RAISINGHIKERS15
Girl playing with Packadoo cards
10% off Packadoo Cards from Lanas Shop with  RAISINGHIKERS10
Mom carrying son in Kinderpack - discount codes
$10 off Kinderpack carriers using link below, no code needed
Girl on tablet using Homer App
45 Day Free Trial of Homer App with Link, no code needed
discount codes on subscription meals
20% off Eat to Evolve Meals with code RAISINGHIKERS
woman on Heytrip Mattress - discount codes
30% off HeyTrip Mattress with code 30KHEYTRIP
woman hiking in orange socks
20% off Definite Articles with RAISINGHIKERS20
Kid in sun hat
15% off Soul of Adventure with RAISINGHIKERS15
kid point big spray
10% off Ranger Ready with code RAISINGHIKERS10
Girl drinking out of a water bottle
15% off Water-to-Go with  code RAISINGHIKERS
Mom and kids in front of bike rack
VelociRAX Vertical Bike Racks

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Dad carrying child in lightweight carrier for hiking

Trail Magik Carrier – 10% off with RAISINGHIKERS10

Preschool Kinderpack Carrier

Preschool Kinderpack CarrierOsprey Poco Carrier

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